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How to Get Your Own Domain and Web Hosting!

This Video shows you how to get your own personal Domain name and web site hosting to create a website. Get Hosting and personal Domain: Hostgator Features & Coupons: Use Code: "YuTubeMedia" for 1 Cent for the 1st Month!!… Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Registering a Domain Name and Setting Up Website Hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting – use my Godaddy link and get a discount on your domain and registration: This video will go over how to register a domain name and setup web hosting for publishing your site to the… Continue Reading →

How to host a website with Github

Hello YouTube! Today I show you how to host a free website with Github! We upload your HTML website to Github and then using freenom we also create a first class free domain name! The process is really simple and… Continue Reading →

How to host a website on hostgator

Video as part of my "how to start a website" post at PASSINCOMESEO = first month costs 1 cent GET25REBATE = 25% off total (definitely less expensive if you go for a 6-1year+ payment plant)

How To Upload Your Website with a Free Domain and Hosting Service

If you have already finished making your website but wanting to know how to get it up online, here's the tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to upload your website to a free Hosting service and how to get… Continue Reading →

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