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Two Minute Profits: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Your Website – Personal Profitability

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is an important part of keeping your website visitors secure while also protecting your site's search engine rankings. Learn more about why your business website needs SSL in this edition of Two Minute Profits.

2018 Google Compliance SSL Certificate – Secure Your Website & Protect Your Visitors ►►► Affiliate Haven is the one-stop destination for all your business marketing needs. FEATURED PRODUCT: SSL Certificate – Secure Your Website & Protect Your Customers By Meeting Google's New 2017-2018 Requirements Today While Boosting Your Website's Google Search Results…. Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Own Domain and Web Hosting!

This Video shows you how to get your own personal Domain name and web site hosting to create a website. Get Hosting and personal Domain: Hostgator Features & Coupons: Use Code: "YuTubeMedia" for 1 Cent for the 1st Month!!… Continue Reading →

What’s the Best Web Host – and the Worst? – – What Web host have you been happy with, and which one have you been disgusted with?

Hosting a static website on Amazon S3 (AWS howto)

In this video I will show you how you can host a static website on Amazon S3. Want to automate this process? You can use s3_website to automatically setup your bucket and deploy your website. Check out my tutorial on… Continue Reading →

How to host a website on firebase

This is how you host your website on firebase ( Steps: 1. Create your profile on 2. Install node.js from 3. Follow the procedure as shown in video. If you have any questions related to this video you… Continue Reading →

Web Hosting – There are a million places out there to buy your web hosting from. How do you know which is the right choice for you? What things should you keep in mind when choosing? These tips sent in by… Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Registering a Domain Name and Setting Up Website Hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting – use my Godaddy link and get a discount on your domain and registration: This video will go over how to register a domain name and setup web hosting for publishing your site to the… Continue Reading →

Free hosting – how to get free domain and free hosting build website

Get free hosting website on Free hosting – how to get free domain and free hosting website? Why to pay if you can get all that for free? Just follow easy steps: Very easy steps of getting free hosting… Continue Reading →

How to host a website with Github

Hello YouTube! Today I show you how to host a free website with Github! We upload your HTML website to Github and then using freenom we also create a first class free domain name! The process is really simple and… Continue Reading →

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